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My list of Vegan wines

It’s actually kind of funny when someone hears you say oh that wine isn’t vegan I can’t have it. They look at you like your crazy and say there is animal products in wine?

For those that don’t know, yes there are many things in wine.

My brother-in-law said I thought it’s just grapes. I only wish it was.

Here are some of the things that are in wine.

Finding vegan wines for me has been such a complicated task.

It has involved me Googling every wine name at the store.

Now, some wines have their red vegan and white not. The thing is it is not labeled. I wish it was because it would make things so much easier.

You can go online at barnivore.com and search any wine you want. I feel like not all are on their site though.

Barnivore.com is an online vegan and vegetarian beer,wine, and liquor guide.

It has helped a lot for me. There are times that I just Google it really quick if I have just one or two to look up.

Here are my go to cabernet wines





My go to Rose wines


Here is PETA vegan wine list on their website.


Here is a website that has so many affordable options that I recently found and they had amazing choices. Some that I never even knew were vegan.



What are your go to wines? I would love to hear them and check out if they vegan, so I can try.

If you are vegan then what are your go to for wine?

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